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Latest Clinic News:


Dr. B is getting in with Medicare and Mississippi Medicaid...

August 2018


Dr. B is getting in network with Medicare and Mississippi Medicaid along with all of the Major insurances.  However, if you have a specific insurance that you would like us to get network in and we will try our best!

Found an Office Space on West Canal Street.

August 2018


WE HAVE A LOCATION!  Our office is going to be located at 603 West Canal Street in Picayune, MS.  We are undergoing a build out currently but should be accepting patients by next month. 

Whole Body Chiropractic coming to Picayune Mississippi.

June 2018


Dr. Joshua D. Barousse, D.C. is a native to Pearl River County and has moved back to the area. As a military dependent he has been practicing for the past 8 years in Wyoming and Ohio.  His over all goal has always been to return to his hometown and practice.  He hopes to be able to share all his knowledge with the great people of Pearl River County. 


Thank you for visiting the website of Barousse  Chiropractic - a professional Mississippi chiropractic clinic located in Picayune that services patients with chiropractic and nutritional care throughout Pearl River County.


The mission at Barousse Chiropractic is to treat the patient, while also educating them, so that they fully understand and play an active participant in their healing processes through the use of  chiropractic manipulation, physiological therapeutics, and rehabilitation.  Dr. B believe in respecting the privacy of all individuals and treats all of their patients like family.  They practices on a wide array of ages, ranging from infants to adults.  The Dr. strongly believe in helping others heal without the use of prescription medications.


The Doctor's goal is to get you out of pain as fast as possible using modern chiropractic treatments. They will not try to make long term plans for you that you do not want.  Also, they will not require that you have x-rays.  


To get you out of pain the Dr.  adjust most of their patients while also using some form of therapy, including: electrical-stimulation, stretches, ultrasound therapy, and/or exercises. The Doctor keeps it simple and easy so everyone can benefit from their chiropractic care.  They also work extensively with joints of the body that are outside the spine.


If you have specific goals, please feel free to express those to the Doctor during your visit so that he can help you achieve those goals. Please feel free to communicate openly with the Chiropractor, as meeting your needs and expectations is very important to him.



Dr. B. uses a variety of different chiropractic techniques—he is qualified to perform Diversified, Activator, and Thomson Drop techniques. He believes that spinal, as well as extremity adjustments, can help with all types of ailments.  Dr. B feels strongly about the neurologic reflex associated with a spinal misalignment, and how an adjustment can help break that reflex.  This, in turn, will help to correct any dysfunction associated with that specific misalignment. He also feels that most patients do not seek the appropriate care when dealing with soft tissue damage.  Since this can set up for dysfunction and pain he feels that the proper treatment should be started as soon as possible.  Also Dr. B will tell you that there are two types of treatment or care.  


1. Passive – the doctor is the only one involved in your treatment.

2. Active -both the doctor and patient are involved in the treatment.


He believes in having the patient play an active role in their healing by giving them rehabilitation stretches and exercises along with physiological therapeutics to help heal the body as quickly as possible.  He treats the body as a whole and will explain that even though you have pain in one area that doesn’t mean that other areas do not need to be treated to help heal the whole body. 


Dr. B believes in adjusting people of all ages; from infants to geriatric patients.  Having five children of his own, he has adjusted all of his kids since birth.  This is because he knows how adjustments can help them overcome their sickness quicker and improve their immune system. More importantly his kids have noticed how the adjustments have helped them feel better.  He and his family enjoy being outside as much as possible so in their free time this is where you will find them. 

-Member of American Chiropractic Association (2010-Present)

-Member of the Wyoming State Chiropractic Association (2010-2014)

-Team Chiropractor for Cheyenne Stampede Hockey Team (2011-2014)

-Speaker at NOSC Cheyenne for Health and Wellness (2013)

-Member of Ohio State Chiropractic Association (2014- Present)

-Member of Mississippi State Chiropractic Association (2018-Present)

Dr. Joshua Barousse

Dr. Joshua Barousse, D.C.  (Dr. B.) has been practicing since 2010 and moved back to Picayune in July 2018. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana but spent his childhood in Carriere, Mississippi where he attended grade, middle, and high school.   He obtained his undergraduate degree in chemistry at the University of Southern Mississippi. He received his Chiropractic Doctorate from National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in Lombard, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. While there he took elective classes in orthopedics, spinal adjusting, and X-ray diagnosis.  He chose NUHS because of their diagnostic curriculum and evidence based treatment.  He has practiced in a few different offices in Wyoming and Ohio before returning back to his hometown.  

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